Thank you for giving me the dental service that I needed, but also giving me the opportunity to give back. My neighbor Rocio needed somebody to fill an application for medicaid for her two children and food stamps. I made a bread and gave it to her. She was really happy. I told her whenever she needed help to tell me.

I also helped Matilda, she lives alone. I helped her get water and gave her an apple, that's her favorite fruit, she was happy.

Lilian, I called her and told her she can receive attention for he dental need cause they don't have insurance. She told me "thank you for thinking in me." I told her to thank project bdg for giving the attention than we need.

How did it make you feel:

I feel very nice because I never thought  the difference that everybody can do when we help other people, I would like to help others.

Norma, Las Vegas, NV - 3/23/15