Unlike your typical impression of a dentist or CEO, Dr. Ting is often described as down-to-earth and a polo-and-shorts kind of guy.  But don’t be mistaken by his appearance. He is a visionary with big pictures in mind, and he is absolutely an out-of-the-box thinker.  He had in mind of creating BDG when he just opened up his first office.

When it comes to family and love though, it was all pure luck and God’s will for Dr. Ting.  He met his wife, Carolyn, at a restaurant where they both worked in 1995.  He was a waiter, and she was the hostess.  From there on, they have been working together through life’s up’s and down’s for more than 18 years.  They now have 2 daughters at ages 6 and 10.

Dr. Ting is a man of many interests.  He had once learned how to fly a small plane and taken ball room dancing lessons for 6 months, just to name a few, but most of all, he loves to travel.

He has traveled by himself or with his family to 33 countries around the world and still counting, including Russa, India, China, Greece, etc.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to the United States at age 12, Dr. David Ting attended junior high school and high school in southern California and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from University of California, Riverside in 1995.

Later, Dr. Ting attended and graduated from Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts in 1999.